Quonops Online Services is the first user-friendly and all-inclusive underwater sound mapping service designed for regulators, offshore industry, coastal construction companies, marine area managers, spatial planning managers, environment consultancy companies and research. Quonops Online Services provides a fully comprehensive solution to assess distributions of ocean sound, compliance with regulation and potential impacts on marine life. QOS can even be combined with one or several buoys to analyse in-situ measured data.

For governments and governmental agencies
Know the sound situation in your National Waters and help licensing offshore projects. In the European union, be compliant with the Marine Strategy Framework Directive and report to the EU on Descriptor 11 through mapping.

Marine Protected Areas Managers
Develop a sound action plan that includes the underwater sound issue for marine life. Communicate and inform stakeholders and the public on the sound status of your area.

Offshore & Coastal Projects Developers
Secure offshore and coastal projects and get them accepted and permitted. Take the right decisions to ensure sustainable development of your maritime activities. Evaluate the impacts of your project towards marine mammals, fishes, larvae and turtles.

Marine Researchers
Increase the scope of your research projects by easily including the distribution and variability of underwater sound. Train your students with a powerful practical tool.

The impact of man-made sound on marine life is of increasing concern and regulated in most countries. It is well known that marine mammals and fishes are sensitive to sound. They rely on sound for communication, orientation and detecting prey or predators. Maritime stakeholders have now the obligation to take this issue into consideration. Discover why underwater sound is so important for the marine ecosystem. The sound maps produced are based on the real oceanographic context provided by Copernicus Marine Environment Monitoring Service (CMEMS). Discover how Quonops Online Services uses Copernicus Marine Service ocean temperature, salinity and surface wave data to map the distribution of anthropogenic and natural sound in the ocean. Quonops Online Service can be combined with the unique worldwide internet-based bioacoustics analysis capacities of Listen to the Deep Ocean (LIDO) developed by the Technical University of Catalonia, BarcelonaTech (UPC) to provide a full comprehensive solution. The objective of the international programme LIDO is to develop and apply passive acoustic monitoring techniques of natural, biological and man-made sounds to cabled and wireless monitoring platforms at sea.

Discover the capabilities offered by Quonops Online Services